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Trevor Bodogh

Passion, Practice, Purpose and Perseverance - These are the 4-P’s behind Trevor's philosophy which have served him well as a self-taught, world-class bicycle stunt performer.

Born in St Catharines, Ontario, his athletic lifestyle started early as a top ranked junior Squash player and supported heavily by his father. During his high school years, Trevor made a big switch to explore an interest in a specialized kind of cycling called 'BikeTrials', a highly athletic skill of conquering any obstacle on a bicycle with fundamental abilities revolving around Balance, Bike handling, and fear management. After taking on further education at Sheridan College in Business Finance, he realized his passion was actually when his feet were on the pedals of a bicycle. From that point after graduation, it was a choice to trust his instincts and ability to become a performer, with some career highlights as follows:

2008 - performed with Blackberry on a country-wide promotional tour
2010 - featured on Dragon's Den
2011 - feature on Canada’s Got Talent
2012 - debut stage performance with Cirque Ambiente at Canada's Wonderland 2013 - performed at C.E.S in Las Vegas, Invited to Shanghai for the xGames, and Nanchang China for a bicycle game show.
2014, 2015 & 2016 - performing on stage with Cirque Imagine, and celebrating his 6th year performing at the Toronto Bicycle Show
2016 - starting a new show with Cirque du Soleil!

"If you asked me 10 years ago that in the future I would be a performer, on a bicycle, making incredible memories all because I'm crazy about this obscure form of cycling - I would have told you that you're crazy!". Looking to the future, Trevor looks forward to more inspirational student speaking opportunities, or perhaps an off-stage role with Cirque du Soleil. When he's not riding, Trevor escapes for early morning nature hikes and meal prepping.

Connect with Trevor on the Web:

Instagram: @bycrobat_trev
Video: www.vimeo.com/150535741

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