Performance Coaching is an ongoing collaborative process involving Client, Coach, and Therapist, working to normalize recovery, function, and performance by integrating manual therapeutic intervention with client's movement practice, resulting in function and performance improvement by affecting technical proficiency and mechanical efficiency.

Why Performance Coaching? Because working with our Performance Coach will enable you to enjoy benefits that you can't get with do-it-yourself approach:

Deliberate & deep practice: As Performance Coaches, we direct your attention away from 'task completion' mentality and towards 'mindful movement'. Through ongoing education, assessment, proper cuing, and feedback, you are encouraged to detect & correct your movement inefficiencies. We help you learn what works and what doesn't.

Customization: We take the guess work out and customize your training in a way that respects your unique individual needs and meets your sport and/or lifestyle demands. Personalized program tailored to your needs and abilities is an important part of your rehabilitation process.

Lifestyle Coaching: To compliment physical training and maximize your results we have incorporated Lifestyle Coaching into our work with you. You will understand the important roles that sleep, food quality and your relationship with it, stress, and physical activity, can play in improving quality of your life. We help you learn how to build physical fitness on top of a solid foundation of a healthy body and provide you with practical methods to initiate valuable lifestyle changes.

Professionalism and accountability: We take great pride in who we are and what we do, and we hold ourselves accountable to highest performance standards. Performance Coaches at Niagara Orthopaedic Institute will ensure you always have professional experience.

Education & experience: We trust that coaching is part science and part art. We are both, educated and highly experienced in what we do. Niagara Orthopaedic Institute only recruits the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals to ensure your experience is unlike any other.

Attention to detail: Every detail and action contains the DNA of the whole Clinic. We are very particular about quality of service you receive. If you don't know the difference between "exercising" and "quality training", you will learn the difference when you choose to work with us. And because the difference is subtle and in the details, it takes an expert Coach to teach it.

Tried and proven strategies: At Niagara Orthopedic Institute we invest in our team's personal and professional development. Through applied knowledge, we invest what we learn and what works back into our work with you.

Accomplish multiple goals: We trust in our hybrid and holistic approach to reducing injury rates, optimizing recovery-ability, improving movement quality, and maximizing performance. In orderly and systemic manner, we accommodate all aspects of training so they complement one another.